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Today’s photo “Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach in Oregon” was taken by Robert Graham and was submitted in the Amateur Traveler March Photo contest.

Robert says:

Some friends and I went to Astoria, OR for the annual Wine & Seafood Festival back in 2008. One of my friends is from that area so he was the one who suggested we go. We decided to go out and explore the area one afternoon. He suggested going to Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock. Everyone told us that you can’t walk up to the rock because the water level is always so high. We started walking on the beach when we noticed that the tide was out and we could walk up to Haystack Rock. Also, this was the one weekend the sky was clear and the temperature was about 60 degrees. My friend told me that of all the years he’s visited Cannon Beach, he has never been able to walk up to Haystack Rock.

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